Orlando is the story of a nomad traveling in search for beauty - la bellezza. A story where food, culture and passion are experienced with originality. 

The spirit of this journey is based on the research of olfactory and aesthetic memories. 
Especially through food, we are looking for a way to revive emotions lived. 

Orlando cuisine is the result of centuries of family tradition, transmitted through oral culture over generations. 
By preparing a special dish for a person, also wants to give them an insight into Sicilian region and food culture: we highly appreciate the trust people put in us and in our delicacies that come from selected local farmers. 

Everyone has their own paths, embarking on their journey and we have decided to tell it through our delicacies.

Come to listen to my story.
Come to taste my land. 



Terre del Sole Zerilli   —  Petrosino, Trapani - Sicily 

 Marta Vergara — Torrenova, Messina - Sicily 

Arabicaffè  — Catania - Sicily 

Bottega di Sicilia — Vittoria, Ragusa - Sicily 

Agrestis — Buccheri, Siracusa - Sicily 

Tomarchio — Acireale, Catania - Sicily

Antica Macelleria Canzone — Caccamo, Palermo - Sicily 

Casa Don Puglisi — Modica, Ragusa - Sicily 

Rossa - Amara — San Martino Piana, Catania - Sicily



Orlando is a shop,  a tiny kitchen and catering company based in Berlin. We offer local, seasonal, farmers market food that arrived every week directly from Sicily. 

Our long-standing relationships with local farmers ensure that we will bring an amazing quality food of the market to your table. A sustainable philosophy is at the heart of everything we do, and we are committed to using local produce and sustainably raised meats and fish.

Our menu for large and small events is a distinct reflection of the clients and their vision for the event with our mediterranean influence. 



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