About Us

SICILIAN WINES and organic food


Orlando a tiny taste of Sicily, it’s a Mediterranean experience! We make the food that makes us and our guests happy: sustainably sourced, beautifully balanced, and made only with seasonal ingredients. 

We serve sharing plates following our Sicilian kitchen tradition that we like to combine with our selection of Sicilian wines.

Our guests are invited to spend time with the team around our Social table, to share their stories and to listen to those of our farmers, winemakers, and Sicilian producers that are all part of Orlando family. Our long-standing relationships with our farmers ensure that we bring a selection of high quality food from their lands to your table. A sustainable philosophy is at the heart of everything we do, and we are committed to using Sicilian, and local products (coming from Berlin and its surrounding regions) and sustainably raised meats and fish.

The Door of Orlando Is open for Laperitivo and for dinner

or just to pick up a great bottle of sicilian wine!




Giulia e andrea

Giulia is the creative mind behind Orlando. Coming from Sicily, she wanted to create a community inclusive of everyone where people can be who they are, share joys and pains of everyday life over good food and great wine. She transports Sicilian warmth straight to Berlin.

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Happy Birthday to this lovely person!
It’s such a nice pleasure and a lot of fun to be with you in this crazy life journey!
My favorite chef, my cousin, my piece of heart and family in Berlin. 
Have a good one monellazzo ❤️ #bday #bdaydude #orlandochef #orlandofoodberlin #cousin #familyfirst #sicilyfarfromsicily #familyaffair #travelleranddreamer


Chef Mirko’s love for cooking started in Palermo, where he was raised. His cooking turned into career and main creative expression when he started working in Massimo Bottura’s Osteria Francescana, a three-Michelin- star restaurant based in Modena. He next moved to London to work at Ottolenghi restaurant where he explored a fusion of Mediterranean flavors coming from Spanish, French, Jewish, and North African cultures. Learning from two of the world’s greatest chefs, his focus turned to the intricate balance between flavours and importance of quality ingredients. We find him in Orlando where, as a main chef, he gets to present the Berlin community with the Sicilian dishes from island’s diverse regions incorporating cultural influences authentic to the area. His passion is taking simple, quality ingredients, combining and transforming them to create works of art. Mirko adds a contemporary twist to the traditional Sicilian dishes, creating a taste which is at the same time familiar and exotic.