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Sicilian Food

Sicilian food is more diverse and varied than anywhere else in Italy! Sicily has a long history with other, powerful regional civilisations, such as the Greeks, Romans, Arabs, French and Spanish, and all of these cultures left a mark on its cuisine. There are even some traces of German cuisine in it! This amazing combination of flavors and colours gave birth to one the most balanced cuisines in the world, which will surprise you with its sweet and sour combinations, fermentations, and extraordinary richness of flavour. Orlando matches the quality Sicilian imported ingredients with the seasonal produce from local Brandenburg farmers bringing you Mediterranean food at its best.


our Menu

A journey into the flavors of Sicily: a gastronomic experience tells the story of our modern vision of this beautiful island. Due to its rich history Sicilian dishes vary completely from the east to the centre to the west, and then, within those areas, from city to city. This is why our menu includes ten dishes, nine named after cities and one after an island, exploring the specific, local tastes and with our Chef’s twist. We also believe that our bodies are in sync with the nature cycles which is why our menu changes with the seasons.




We thank our suppliers: Bioland- Hof Zielke / TERRA organic food / La Vita Organic / Organic / Organic / Antica Macelleria Canzone / Sicilian / Mani in Pasta / Il Germano / Peters Agriculture / Consigliovini / Muret La Barba



We cater to private events at Orlando or at your location. Our catering menus are customized to each client’s vision and needs and include vegan, vegetarian, fish and meat options. We offer catering for company celebrations, weddings, birthdays, events and exhibitions. Set design also available upon request. Get in touch!