Carricante- From Etna Volcano to Berlin

Carricante is an ancient white wine grape variety from eastern Sicily. It is thought to have been growing on the volcanic slopes of Mt Etna for at least a thousand years.  Well-adapted to their environment, Carricante vines respond well to the high temperature variations that characterize the region’s climate.  The grapes ripen slowly and steadily throughout the growing season, retaining their trademark high acidity well into September.  As a result, the wine produced is particularly fine, of straw-yellow color, and of fragrant, refreshing citrus aromas. Notes of lemon and lime matched with cooling herbal notes such as mint and aniseed make this wine an exotic white favorite. 

It is best enjoyed with grilled white fish with lemon, Snapper cerviche & our Fennel and apple coleslaw.

Giulia Paolillo