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Sicilian wine

Wine has been made in Sicily for millennia but has only gained recognition in the last 40 years, when Sicilian wines started wining international prizes. Sicily’s wine revival started with a new generation of Sicilian producers realizing the full potential of the island’s excellent climate, its native grape varieties and its fertile soil. The island has such a diverse terrain and climate that it can support the growth of almost any grape and it has as many as 70 grape varieties. Some wines like Grillo and Nero D’Avola have been around for centuries, while others such as Chardonnay and Syrah are more recent imports. Some are so unique that they could only come from Sicily, such as the wines of Etna that owe their taste to the rocky soils of volcanic ash that were formed by lava flow from the nearby volcano. At Orlando, we present you with over 15 wine varieties, all imported directly from Sicilian producers. You are welcome to experience them paired with our food or in the comfort of your own home.


—  vino bianco  —

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Antisia - Catarratto Tenuta Regaleali Contea Sclafani DOC

Leone - Catarratto, Chardonnay Tenuta Regaleali (Palermo)

Tascante Buonora - Carricante Tasca D’Almerita (Etna)

Etna Bianco - Carricante, Catarratto Barone di Villagrande (Etna)

Inzolia - Cantine Barbera (Menfi, AG)

Inzolia - Sallier de la Tour (Monreale)

Inzolia La Marza - Feudo Montoni (Cammarata, AG)

Nozze D’Oro - Inzolia, Sauvignon Tenuta Regaleali

Grillo - Sallier de la Tour (Monreale)

Grillo delle Fate - Tenuta Regaleali (Palermo)

Grillo della Timpa - Feudo Montoni (Cammarata, AG)

Grillo di Mozia - Vigna Whitaker Isola di San Pantaleo (TP)

Catarratto del Masso - Feudo Montoni (Cammarata, AG)

Catarratto Chardonnay - Leonarda Tardi (Salaparuta)

Èureka - Chardonnay, Marabino (Val di Noto, SR)

Muscatedda - Moscato bianco, Marabino (Val di Noto, SR)

Didyme - Malvasia secca, Tenuta Capofaro (Salina – Isole Eolie)

—  vino rosso —

Nero D’Avola - Leonarda Tardi (Salaparuta)

Nero D’Avola - Terre del Sole Zerilli (Petrosino)

Lu Cori - Nero D’Avola, Catine Barbera (Menfi, AG)

Rosso di Contrada - Nero D’Avola, Marabino (Val di Noto, SR)

Nero D’avola - Sallier De La Tour (Monreale)

Lagnusa - Nero D’Avola, Feudo Montoni (Cammarata, AG)

Lamuri - Nero D’Avola Tasca D’Almerita (Sclafani Bagni)

Cygnus - Nero D’Avola, Cabernet Sauvignon Tenuta Regaleali

Syrah - Sallier De La Tour (Camporeale)

Syrah - Terre del Sole Zerilli (Salaparuta)

La Monaca - Syrah Superior Sallier De La Tour (Camporeale)

Del Core - Perricone, Feudo Montoni (Cammarata, AG)

Perricone - Tenuta Regaleali (Palermo)

Microcosmo - Perricone, Catine Barbera (Menfi, AG)

Ghiaia Nera - Nerello Mascalese Tasca D’Almerita (Etna)

Etna Rosso Doc - Barone di Villagrande (Etna)

Ciatu - Alicante, Catine Barbera (Menfi, AG)

La Marza - Pinot Noir, Feudo Montoni (Cammarata, AG)

—  vino rosato  —

Nerello Mascalese, Le Rose - regaleali (Sclafani Bagni)

La Bambina -Cantine Barbera (Menfi, AG)

Madamarosè - Sallier de la Tour (Monreale)

Rosé di Adele - Nerello Mascalese, Feudo Montoni (Cammarata, AG)

Etna Rosato Barone Villagrande